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Retailer Application

Retailer Application
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I (We) have completed this application with the intent of opening an account with Republic Ropes, LLC. By signing below, I agree to allow Republic Ropes, LLC to contact the trade and bank references listed and agree to allow all information requested within the scope of this application to be released to Republic Ropes or its agent. This application may be produced for references to verify the release. In addition, I agree that Republic Ropes, LLC may verify this information with any other sources it uses or deems necessary.

This agreement will be governed in accordance with the laws of the State of Texas. For the purpose of resolving any issue pertaining to conflict of laws or otherwise, this agreement shall be fully and solely executed, performed and/or observed in the State of Texas. The parties hereto also expressly consent to personal jurisdiction in the State of Texas in the action or proceeding brought in any court therein, state or federal, arising from alleged facts part of any transaction between the parties pursuant to this agreement.

I (We) accept responsibility and willingness to pay any amounts owing for purchases and applicable fees in the event Republic Ropes, LLC cannot receive full payment from the company.

By typing your name here you agree to the above Terms & Policies.

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